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Trouble with your carburetors? We can help!

We are in the lucky position to own a high end Flow Bench where we test carburetors under original conditions with fuel flow and air flow! Most Flow Benches are only good for air flow measurements. Our Flow Bench is also good for fuel flow measurements so that we can check and adjust the mixture at all possible engine conditions form idling over acceleration to full throttle! All new carburetor systems for most air-cooled Volkswagen engines are specially set up for your engine needs.

If you have problems with any carburetor please contact us and make an appointment for your carburetor on our Flow Bench!


Porsche 356 / 912 / SC

VW-Porsche 914 / 1.7 / 1.8 / 2.0 liter engines

Porsche old-timer engines

Volkswagen engines


We have many dyna-proved carburetor settings for Porsche, Volkswagen, VW-Porsche for stock, high performance or race engines. You can send in your carburetors and we will fix them up for your needs on our Flow Bench. Please contact us before sending them in.

Riechert Tuning also carries the highest quality intake manifolds for air-cooled Porsche and Volkswagen engines on the market! These manifolds are made in Germany specially for Riechert Tuning and individually hand finished with a good potential for race porting.




Riechert Tuning electronic mail : Riechert.Tuning@t-online.de