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Why oil cooling? A good oil cooling system is a life insurance for your engine, specially for an air cooled engine. The oil is an important factor in cooling your pistons, cylinder heads and bearings. A stock 50 HP Volkswagen Beetle engine gets oil temperatures of over 120 degrees Celsius! This is the limit and not very healthy for your engine. If you tune an engine the temperatures will even exceed the critical limit. The piston can overheat and knocking can and will occur. This knocking is caused by ignition of the gas/air mix in your cylinder before the spark of the spark plug. This causes temperature and pressure peaks that will melt your piston, crack your cylinder head, and drop one of you exhaust valves. You have heard about those abrupt deaths of air cooled engines. Protect your engine by installing a good oil cooling system! Make sure your carburetor setting is correct and use only quality oil with the proper weight-viscosity. Check the cooling solution sections for Cooling Solutions Type IV Cooling Systems Type I

What is a Flow Bench? Well let me try to explain it: A Flow Bench is a complicated setup of vacuum devices, pressure gauges,  precision flow meters, digital stop watches and photoelectric barriers. The big vacuum pump simulates the air flow of an engine. We can mount a manifold with carburetor on a pipe that goes to the vacuum pump, this carburetor is covered by a glass hood with a variable air intake reducer. A fuel line is also attached to the carburetor. The air flow can be measured with gauges and the amount of fuel used can be  measured by precision volume glass bulbs with photoelectric barriers at different throttle settings. Both factors together are used to choose the proper jet and ventury settings for a specified engine under specified conditions. We will soon show a picture of our flow bench on this web-site! Keep checking back. Our Flow Bench is made by PIERBURG-Germany

What is the difference between Type I and Type IV? The Type I engine (AB, AD, AS, F,...) is the engine that is used in the Volkswagen Beetle from 24.5 to 50 horsepower. The Type IV engine (CU, CJ, GB, W,...) is used in the Volkswagen Bus 2.0 (70 hp), VW-411, VW-412 and VW-Porsche 914. Riechert Tuning is specialized in fitting Type IV engines in the Volkswagen Beetle and we have all the parts in stock to make your Beetle a Power Beetle.

Be careful with new carburetors! If you buy new carburetors for your engine make sure that these carburetors are set up for your engine. Most new stock carburetors have venturies and jet setting for water cooled stock engines and not for air cooled modified Volkswagen engines. You can damage your engine by using carburetors with improper settings.


We will add more information frequently, so keep checking back.


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