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Type IV Cylinder Head SALE!!!

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Brand new cylinder heads for Type IV, bare without valves. The cylinder heads we offer in this sale are with 4-bolt mount for all VW 411, 412, Bus 2.0 and some industrial engines. The cylinder heads have the original Volkswagen valve seats and guides. We have large amounts, and these are the only new cylinder heads available on the market!!! Riechert Tuning bought the whole stock from Volkswagen. Volkswagen stopped making these cylinder heads years ago.

We can modify these cylinder heads for any Type IV engine. Valves up to 47/39!
Ask for prices. bare without modification and valves.

Shipping to the USA is about US$ 40.- for 2 cylinder heads.

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Type IV Crank Case SALE!

We have brand new German Volkswagen Type IV engine cases and can modify them for your needs.

These cases are used in :

Unmodified price per piece: ask for prices

Fax your order to Riechert Tuning +49-39203-62308

that is 01149-39203-62308 from the USA

All prices are subject to change without notice.


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