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Cooling Solutions for Type I Engines

Riechert full flow oil cooling systems with Riechert thermostat adapter are the highest quality available. The thermostat adapters are precise machined out of a solid aluminum block, no cast iron or pot metal! The  AKG-radiators are pure aluminum too with precision high flow fittings.

Take a closer look to our oil cooling adapter-thermostats

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with 360mm radiator: US$ 578.-

with 460mm radiator: US$ 607.-

with 520mm radiator: US$ 616.-

with 675mm radiator: US$ 632.-

We manufacture our own oil cooling adapter-thermostats for Porsche, VW-Porsche and Volkswagen. These adapter-thermostats are made out of a solid block aluminum and are 100% serviceable if necessary. The main advantage is that Riechert oil cooling adapter-thermostats are filtering the oil before it goes through the radiator to cool the oil down. Hot oil is thinner and goes easier through the filter than oil that has been cooled down already and is thicker, plus you keep your whole oil cooling system clean! The Riechert Tuning adapter is the only one on the market that does it the proper way to filter first and then cool down the oil! The quality is outstanding


All prices are subject to change without notice.


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